Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Shoving Match

To all the Lil Wayne fans out there, Rebirth will never be released (4 push backs & counting). & here's why;


Wayne didn't follow the blueprint (no Jay-Z) laid out by thousands of Rapscallions before him. Hire down. If a cat is noticeably more talented, do not pull him in under you. That's an entertainment industry sin. Really though. But, he saw Drizzy somewhere, heard his flow, decided that he was the next big thing to blow [||] & scooped him up like some much ice cream (pun intended). Thus, he rendered his lollipop rap useless to the millions of 14 year old hot mama's looking for some music to get pregnant to. Plus, Drake looks better [||]. That right there should've tipped Wayne off.......[||]. Although, that would mean he'd have to find a dude less unattractive than he is, which in itself is probably quite the daunting task.


Weeziana wanted to be a Boss, whilst he was still a worker, thus removing his own self from the, umm, throne in the process. At the rate the Young Money train (no Nicki Minaj) is moving, Wayne's million dollar empire isn't guaranteed, like it was last year. If his label isn't at all excited about him venturing out to a new audience, they damn sure aren't going to be excited about him backward hustling his way through a Carter IV. Hence, numerous push backs for "Rebirth", & only baby-step rumors in regards to a supposed Carter IV. Wait, wasn't there supposed to be a Carter IV, full of unreleased songs already? Maybe Drake's knee won't heal, & Wayne won't have to worry about him stepping on his toes anymore. ROLLING over them though, is another post altogether.

Take Eminem. We've all heard the rumors of how he heard about 50, got his hands on a mixtape & just had to sign him. Do you know why Marshall was so adamant? Because Fif already generated a buzz (step 1, word to Federal Ranga) & he knew that there's no way in Hell 50 would ever out-rhyme him. Em gets his cake, & maintains to be (arguably) the flyest White dude in Hip Hop since MC Serch. Hence, hiatus' aplenty, but no push backs. Meanwhile, not even Rick Ross' buoyancy could keep 50 afloat.
"Before I Self Destruct" has been getting pushed back since this time last year. He's had time. He's had resources. One could only speculate on the exact reasons for delay(s), but I put my money on the diminishing buzz & lack of ferocity. To respond to said political complication, 50 did what he does best; took his hustle to the streets (rather, the 'Nets. "War Angel" is a must have). I guess the real question would be, why even go through the hassles of major label drama & woe if one's in a position to go for the gusto by their lonesome? If the ability is there (i.e. finance), why depend on a middle man?

In a climate like this, music-wise, it would seem like E-1 music would be flooded with D.I.Y. rap acts. What better way to avoid the TI side hustles than to take your destiny into your own hands? Not completely independent, but nowhere near the office building frezy one encounters when employed by a roundtable full of overseers (btw, at the very least, Slaughterhouse is in a great position to launch their brand).

It's impossible to be the boss if you have one.

If Tru Life was able to get out of his, umm, Def Jam contract, surely Curtis Jackson can, especially since his commitment's almost up & Interscope is dropping off dead weight like a sinking oceanliner (what's good Banks?). If Young Money is making such Cash Money movement, why do they even need a sign off on an album, rock 'n' roll, R&B, folk, polka or otherwise? Sounds kind of like this "OATH" I've been hearing so much about lately.

Kids, take note; the best way to avoid a push back is to not stand there in the first place. Create your own lane, study Federal Ranga's 5 step plan, pay your dues, your self, & wait for hard work to pay off. But hey, I'm just a writer. What do I know?

**For More, go to http://www.youtube.com/federalranga "XXLmag.com presents Federal Ranga ON YO ASS!! Part IV: Push Back Deez!"**


Phlip said...

Good shit, homie...
This one earned you a late mention in the blog I started in on in my shower this morning and spent all working out.

B-Boy Cult said...

good shit. 'specially about that independent shit. thats like a religion with me. even tho its really hard work and REAL dedication. i wrote about it in my thread called "Independent Thinkin" where i said the same thing a while back about it's impossible to be a boss if you got one. it's more like middle management, right?

good work. i will always drop a dollar in the pan for a sermon like this...

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