Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When Keepin' It Real Goes Right

"Police have raided an apartment leased to rapper Jadakiss and seized 5 grams of heroin, 6.5 pounds of marijuana and $40,000 cash from the Yonkers New York residence, say published reports." (8/25)

A man's gotta do, am I right? For the sake of conversation, because I don't really know, let's say that all that dope & money was indeed Jason Phillips'. From my minimal knowledge of street life, it sure as hell looks like dude is selling drugs to me. Perhaps if Heroin wasn't in the mix, it could be perceived as something more trivial. Now, all those clever lines he pens about bricks & stacks come across with a bit more believability. Not that that's a good thing; if I think that, God only knows what the Federali's are making of it.

Take into account that his label/group/business venture D-Block Records has been operating for years without much publicized success. Critical acclaim, maybe, but we all know that's just a tactful way to say "not really too successful". Even without much apparent revenue, they have their own recording home, stable of artists with needs, a car wash *wink-wink*, & continue to stay active in a business that thrives on the exchange of currency at a fairly rapid rate. & it's not like Def Jam is handing out millions of monies for artist's that can't crack 300,000 copies sold. No shots, though.

Could it be that this is all a front for drug dealing?

I'm sure most rappers lie about their lifestyles, but how many of those guys get busted with such a healthy amount of illegal product? The money itself isn't against the law, but it sure makes all those drugs look that much more interesting. It's one thing to make up stories, & claim to be involved in high level dealings on wax, but to have it plastered across newspapers kind of makes it official. Imagine how quickly 50 Cent would've back off of Rick Ross had he been pulled over with kilo's of Cocaine in the trunk of his $200,000 car.

If nothing else, Jada's street cred just skyrocketed. & he can thank his two dumb-ass friends/weed [& Heroin] holders ( who caught the cops' attention, subsequently leading them to the apartment) for that.

If we've learned anything about the Hip Hop police, it's that they lay in wait for opportunities like this. Prepare for a full-fledged investigation to be launched on D-Block Records, & anyone affiliated. & I wouldn't be surprised if that became a trend, a la Murder Inc., with other not-so-well-to-do labels become targets of FBI stings & impromptu tax audits. Between Death Row/G-Unit/Murder Inc, the last 10 or so years have kept the Hip Hop cops pretty busy turning over rocks & digging in niggas' backgrounds. It's not like they're out trying to find who killed Big L, Biggie, 'Pac, Souljah Slim or Mac Dre, so this would be right up their alleys.

Take Clipse, whose music is Crack Rap without apology. Their manager was arrested behind drug activity, & even then they were only guilty by association. So far, at least. It's not like they found dope ON them, per se. & according to the consensus, them cats been telling on themselves for about 3 albums now. But, this 'Kiss scenario takes "keepin' it real" to a next plateau, again, assuming all those things belonged to J-a-d-a in some way or another.

Hopefully, Jada didn't play a part in this situation, although it's not looking good. Shit rolls downhill; from his two jumpy buddies, to 'Kiss himself, to the whole D-Block organization. Not that he'd be throwing away a phenomenal rap career, but it would suck to be him right now. & If he's not guilty of assisting/contributing to the distribution of illegal substances, then he's damn sure guilty of keeping the wrong cats around him. But, that's a post for another day.

One has to wonder where Sheek Louch & Styles P stand in all of this. Say the two schmoes who started this fiasco decide to start singing the blues for the sake of lesser convictions. That would put 'Kiss in the precarious "Stop Snitchin'" position, if the rest of LOX are involved. I don't know a lot of cats, if any, who own one Sheek CD. I'm just saying. Styles signed that book deal, but what does that really mean in this computer-driven, "I ain't know nothin' 'bout no readin'" day & age. Word to Kanye West & Lil Wayne.

Dope-dealing is one of the few lifestyles that is as dangerous as it is glamorous, hence the entertainment industry's romantic fascination with it. My uncle succumbed to it's allure, then had 7 1/2 years to think about how he would have made manager at Burger King by now. District manager with the right attitude.

Let's see how this one plays out...


ThaKemizt2012 said...

I don't know man, seems like we all kinda knew what it was already with Jada. Just like Clipse, I've been wondering how you can sign contract(s) that we all know are bullshit and have no real money going the artist's way, disappear for a while (years, perhaps) and come back shinin' like you never left and been paid the whole time. Looks like a rather obvious gap in the paper trail to me.

Kiana said...

If I was Jada I'd start acting like I had a SERIOUS heroin problem.

Tony Grands said...

What's good, fam?!

Ha! Rehabilitation>>"Rehabilitation all day. Just to drive home the point, he might want to shoot up once or twice; make sure it comes up in his system.

Anonymous said...

I wanna know how they go from a traffic stop to a search warrant within hours.

Cats been under surveillance.

$ykotic Don McCaine

Tony Grands said...

You already know how.

All that "Def Jam" money's about to make some lawyer's ex-wife very happy.

Tony Grands said...

**"What happened on Saturday was an unfortunate situation but one in which I have no involvement in,” Jadakiss told in a statement. “Since the release of my recent albumThe Last Kiss, I have been on the road touring and promoting my project. I am focused on my performance schedule and career."**

The dance begins...

Capital G said...

In Jada's defense (I ain't a stan so let's not get shit twisted) 5 grams of dope ain't really shit in the grand scheme of things. It would only bust down to a brick (a brick being 5 bundles, a bundle being 10 bags) No one was getting heavy bread off that little bit of heroin. 6 lbs of smoke, being in New York, assuming the shit was some killa, we'll estimate that to work out to somewhere between $5500 - $6000 per. Now take the amount of money seized and that's pretty much half of the re-up dough needed to keep a small operation functioning. These dudes ain't no kingpins, they're glorified middle men at best.

The issue with the warrant, news reports said one of these geniuses ran into the building, that gives the police probable cause to enter the premises and search for a suspect (perp in pig lingo). So either they ran up in the spot after the dude who fled or the other option was someone signed a "consent to search" form rendering the need for an actual search warrant null and void.

The whole point of my long winded bullshit is, Jada wasn't there at the time so he can't be charged after the fact with any type of possession. All he has to do is, don't even contemplate sneezing in the wrong direction for the foreseeable future and wait for his peoples' cases to be wrapped up. Then make legal investments and literally Kiss tha game goodbye. Consider it a good run and retire before the state sponsers his next vacation.

somebody said...