Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dedicated To My Friend

R.I.P. Damon Johnson

I lost a very close friend of mine Tuesday morning. He was struck by a car, attempting to cross the street. Said street is always full of a bunch of idiot drivers who are either A) drunk, B) haphazard or C) incompetent, like 85% of the rest of the world. But, for whatever reason, it was his time to die.

God bless his family. I will miss him, as much as a man can miss another man without needing a "no homo" at the end of the sentence. When you're a kid, friends come & go, but as an adult, when you consider someone a friend (as opposed to homie, buddy, potna, etc.), it really means something significant, well at least to me. & to lose that friend, is something that has to be dealt with on an adult level, i.e. realistically.

Death is an amazing thing, in that, you can compulsively prepare for it, do all you can to avoid it, yet do nothing at all to prevent it. That, to me, is uncomfortably hilarious. Case in point; Damon survived several gunshot wounds a few years back. Btw, several = four or more. Yet, he got through it, physically & mentally. He's been to the penitentiary a couple of times, & although he came home with the same state of mind he had after the shooting (shell-shocked), he got through it. Simultaneously the coolest & toughest person I'd met since I've become an adult. But, for all the tests God presented & Damon passed, this was a pop quiz without a cheat sheet.

The doctors tried to save him, but that wasn't in the cards. Within the hour of his
passing, the whole neighborhood was outside, walking around, hugging, dapping, smoking weed in memoriam, & drinking alcohol as they sat in awe. There's even a makeshift tribute to him on the corner that the ambulance took him from. I wonder did he realize that this would be his last time ever leaving the hood?

Sooner than later, we'll have his funeral, & all of us will have a chance to tell him "Peace Out" for the final time. After that, we'll come home, laugh at his silly antics, regret any arguments & disagreements, part ways & continue to live our lives, until the next time death rears it's insidious head.

The last time I saw him was Saturday morning. He was flirting with a bus driver. Kool-aid smile & all. The last time my friend Tone saw him was as he tried to stand back up after the vehicle knocked him down. Then, the paramedics arrived.

Y'all be cool & careful out there. Tomorrow isn't promised, & don't forget that.


JerseyTjej said...

My condolences to you on the loss of your friend. I know several "here today, gone tomorrow" days and just resolve to do as much as I can, while I can.

Pierzy said...

Grands, this is a very moving, heartfelt tribute. I'm sorry for your loss. It's the worst and hardest part of the circle of life. Stay strong!

Kiana said...

This was touching. I lost a childhood friend to an aneurysm two months ago (she was only 24) so I can only imagine what you're experiencing right now. It's hard when death comes out of the blue - makes you realize how much we don't control a thing. As much as people tell you things happen for a reason or that our loved ones are in a better place the inevitable question: WHY? will persist. That's okay.

The only thing that got me through my loss was letting go and holding on to the people that I still have. I make it a point to tell the people that I love,"I love you." I say what I feel and deal with the here and now. I wish you peace :)

Tony Grands "the Lenny Bruce of this blog sh!t" said...

@all y'all

Thanks for your support & kind words.

Fuck death, so let's enjoy life, while it's ours for the enjoyment. Do me a favor; find someone important to you & hug them.

Holler @ your boy...

Combat Jack said...


Tony Grands said...

First the infamous Dallas Penn, next the notorious Combat, if I can get Jesus to drop by, I'll be set. Thanks CJ.

Anonymous said...