Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 5 Minute Factor: part three

....Conclusion (I suggest you read part's one & two first. Trust me)....

Funny thing about haphazard behavior is that rarely do you cover your ass. You just jump head first into the situation, without weighing all possibilities &/or outcomes. Throughout this whole ordeal with *no dry-snitch*, while I'm being the protective older brother to an "armed & dangerous" criminal, I never once asked him what happened to the gun. I was so caught up in the Cloak 'N' Dagger experience, I'd forgotten why he started coming around me to begin with, those light years ago. No dad, no older brothers, uncle (by marriage) was a crack-head, mom only 15 years older than him; he was looking for someone who would be looking for him.

How did I forget to ask him about the fucking gun?

5 minutes became 5 hours. Nightfall became the next day, with no signs of *no dry-snitch*. All the members of the neighborhood goon squad were congregated at our meeting spot, my front porch, when I came outside that morning. Everybody looked at me, & I knew. Seems he, against my warning, decided to stroll through the neighborhood on his way to wherever. His thing was to show the world that he wasn't scared of anything, Pigs included. Once he made his rounds, gave some hugs & shook some hands, he headed to his destination.

What I didn't know was that this whole time, that same dirty gun was on him, always. Jacket pocket, back pack, under his big, dirty ass t-shirt, etc. He always said that valley dude's homies would find him before the cops did, but I've never been good at math, so I didn't put two & two together. That day he left, plain clothes cops were watching, & followed him to where he ended up. Upon leaving that house, they detained & questioned him, & after bumping him up for about a half an hour, a sergeant arrived & I.D.'d him. He had weed & the gun he used to murder another man. It turns out it wasn't a man at all, but another misguided teenager who watched too many movies growing up & was substantially ignored at home. Brothers from another mother, one might say.

That chicken head, the eye of this tragic storm, testified against *no dry-snitch*, & even though we all wrote letters to the court, the judge ultimately threw the book at him. *no dry-snitch* caught the book like a man, & carried it with him under the jail.

25 with an L. Epic fail.

That was a few years back. Now, he's just urban legend; neighborhood fodder used to scare kids straight & teach them about choices. We all know kids don't listen though.

Come to think of it, he used to read things that I wrote & tell me how good I was. Oh, how he'd love this...


Phlip said...

This was a good read, Grands...

I would send it to my brother's stepsons to read if they hadn't already spent the last couple years squandering the jewels we've given them.
Kids don't listen.

Federal Ranga said...

MAAAAAAAAAAAAN, hold up. This happens ALL the time!!!

Hopefully when he gets out, he tell his story to others.... weird.... I am sure somebody told that to him...

Capital G said...

What did I say? Someone dead and someone with a charge that never goes away with time. What about self defense? It ain't like *no dry snitch* brought the burner to the fist fight, he just wound up with it. Damn shame is what it is. Shocking? No. Like Fed said, this happens ALL the time. Good read regardless fam. Keep 'em coming.

Tony Grands said...

What's good folks?!

Yeah, he appealed it, but it was too many things working against him, & his trial was in a racist city. Gang affiliation, priors involving violence, the fact that he kept the gun, her testimony (which hurt him), he hid, public deender; the judge wasn't having none of that shit.

Kiana said...

Hand clap. I enjoyed reading this. It's sad that we can insert so many other names for "no dry snitch". I work with a lot of kids like him. They know these stories first hand and no matter how effed up the outcome they do what they want to do anyway. I think they're listening to all of this, it's just that there is so much competing with the horror stories it's hard to change the game.

Sidenote: don't they have internets in prisons? If not, print some of this stuff out and send it to no dry snitch!

Curt said...

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Anonymous said...

I try to tell them without going Rev Ike with it.

I explain to them how the penal system is a business. Their commodity is YOU. Beds have to be filled. And innocent people fill them to. The ghettos will never go away, these are the breeding places for the penal.

Smell the coffee people. It's brewing.

$ykotic Don McCaine

Tony Grands said...

'Preciate the 'preciation, y'all.

Really though.

I don't know if they have comp access, & *no dry-snitch* has been moved a few times since. But, my prayers are with him. & all those unfortunate kids like him.

@Don Mac-
You know I know how it is. Bed-filler/tax write-off/slave laborer is the easiest job to get in the world. Just ask C-Murder. They stay hiring (no UPS).

JayBear said...

Alot of knowledge on this blog. I am impressed. You definitely told his story for him. Keep writing.


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