Sunday, August 9, 2009

Talk Is (Not) Cheap

Some douche nozzle rap dude named Brisco (who?) got robbed a few days ago. He was at a "local" barbershop, somewhere in Florida, when 4 masked men rushed into the establishment, fired a few rounds & relieved him of roughly $40,000 worth of cash & jewelry, & took the keys to his leased Range Rover after (supposedly) pistol whipping him. No more than 2 days later, the rapper releases a song aimed at the criminals, saying that there's now a bounty on them for acts committed.

Fucking idiot.

First of all, the guys had him in the ultimate position of submission (i.e. at gunpoint), & for all intents & purposes could've bodied him right there, just off the strength of green-eyed monsters & hatred. So, how does he pay them back for ONLY taking some material possessions & not his life or his manhood? By threatening their lives, in a "song" for the whole world to hear. After the police were notified, that is. So, not only will his threats fall on the ears of these random, obviously blood thirsty jackals who he probably can't identify in a police line-up, but if something necessarily negative were to happen to the goons, he'll be the first one the authorities contact.

Not to say one should ever be appreciative for being robbed, but I've been robbed before. At gunpoint. I was grateful that the nigga didn't get all LAPD on me. If (& when) ever I find myself at the business end of a handgun, & happen to survive the ordeal, pride is the only thing that stops me from telling the dude "Good lookin' out on not cappin' me, bro". What Brisco did is the equivalent of "na-nanny-na-naa", with a twist of "watch ya back, bitches!". Silly me, I stopped teasing bullies when they graduated to felonious activity.

Fucking idiot.

[tony's note: slick rick NEVER got robbed. just saying.]

In the same vein, rapper Joe Budden has been beefing with quite a few dudes this year. Yeah, you may not have heard of this rapper either. His last foray into the "beef" department was with a more legendary MC named Method Man. Sans the underwhelming details of the root cause of conflict, they had choice words over the last couple of months. At which point, members of Meth's entourage (Wu Tang Clan) decided they'd had enough of this guy disrespecting their brother. Now, here's the tricky part....

The confusion between Joe & Meth was supposedly quelled 2 weeks ago, at a concert series known as "Rock The Bells". Although by now, several other Wu-affiliates had taken up residence on Joe's back. But, after the truce was declared, Joe Budden pulled one of those sneak disses; second cousin to the Backhanded Compliment. Something to the effect of, "& the next nigga who say something, I won't be so nice".

Funny how some dudes just refuse to leave well enough alone.

This weekend (Saturday, August 8), at an extension of the same RTB venue, Joe's words finally caught up with him. Raekwon, one of Method's group members, who entered the "beef" to assist him, had a guy, who knew a guy, who brought a guy to the concert, & said guy punched Budden's in the face. Live on the 'Nets, for all who saw to see. What will come of this, who knows. But, I doubt it will escalate too much more. In most cases, a swift jab to the side of the head clears up any misconceptions. Word to Joe Budden. Then again, these rap cats avail themselves to such a distorted view of reality, anything's possible. I predict the Youtube/WorldStarHipHop onslaught is beginning as you read this.

Now, I don't bite my tongue too often because it hurts, so I can empathize wholeheartedly, but at some point, silence is just the wisest option. & not to sound like a bitter, anti-climactic antagonist, but what is it about being a rapper that makes one assume that every life-situation is a cock-measuring contest? If Brisco so happens to be discovered in some swamp with a bullet hole in his temple & his silk Versace boxers stuffed into his mouth, society will blame Hip Hop. Not the dumb decision making of one peacock, but the entire movement will be (once again) thrown under the (tour) bus. Same with Joe. If he allows his ego to return fire on whoever he deems opposition, again, Hip Hop will be the reason for the violence. As opposed to blaming the overgrown crybaby, who some dude(s) finally decided deserved his proverbial spanking. Nothing says 'you're talking too much' like being blindsided with a haymaker.

"Mouth almighty, tongue everlastin', Ya ain't satisfied until somethin' happens...." - (c) Whodini, "Big Mouth"


Phlip said...

Points made in this post is RIGHT in line with why I stopped my just-closed series at just the 90's... To trek on might have been depressing, and I wasn't having that.

Federal Ranga said...

What up, Grand$? See you got this one early. Bookmarked your page in my phone for the easy Commission Connect... finishing up Esipode 5 for mine...

Like I said before, Brisco wanted to be hardheaded... even the dopeboys here in Miami keep the blingitude to a low. Brisco is tryna pull a reverse Jeezy with this bounty shit... not a smart move.

Its the old way it always goes. When you take the L, accept it and prepare for the next time (if there be) and go for the W. Plain and simple.

dp said...

Nice drop as always. If you had used Divshare to post that Whodini song I would have been even more grateful. As it is now you have me on the torrents to pick up that song.

David said...

Good point about Brisco and his arrogant douchebaggery. I've been in his situation before (for about 27 dollars and a bus pass) but still, gunpoint is gunpoint and I'm grateful those dudes didn't get trigger happy. Good post. for all your music, news and fake news needs.

Tony Grands "the Lenny Bruce of this blog sh!t" said...


Yeah, cat's can't win bcuz they don't know how to lose. Dig?

Thanks sir. Still working on bells & whistles. But, I got you [||].

Good looking dude. 'Preciate you checking me out lmao @ "sites that are better than mine". Fake news>real news.

Kiana said...

If you bring food around a pack of hungry wolves and expect your food not to get jacked you're dumb. I believe it was the great 3 stacks who said "Bill gates dont dangle diamonds in the face
of peasants when he microsoftin' in the place" Whoever this Brisco dude is, he needs to smarten up and be thankful he's alive. Your post up top kind of makes me wonder if this dude REALLY got robbed in the first place. Rappers will make up some stuff (Officer Rickey) to attain the "street cred" that music execs think fans give a damn about. I can't imagine someone pulling out guns on me and then provoking them some more. That doesn't make sense.

somebody said...