Saturday, August 15, 2009

K(eep) i(t) S(imple) S(tupid)...

Have you ever thought to yourself why the hell, say, Too $hort is still making albums that sell relatively well? Never mind the fact that he hasn't changed his style since 1983. & that said style was quite possibly one of the most basic a-b, a-b formats ever introduced to an instrumental. & at the risk of tossing out [||]'s like they're going out of business, he's not the most attractive dude to look at, so sex appeal is not an issue. [||]. Not that he's the only person in this category, I just chose to use him as an example....

"Example of what, Grands?"

Of simplicity, & the breath-taking outcome of it's practice. One's lack of bells & whistles makes them relatable, on all accounts. As often as society likes to scramble brains & confuse the masses, complication is a turn-off. Music, art, life in general is more enjoyable when a person doesn't require a 15 minute processing time to understand it.

The human experience is hard enough, what with trying not to get killed or catch deadly diseases, without unnecessary hitches, glitches & razzle-dazzle. Especially the self-inflicted wounds born out of narcissistic stubbornness. It's imperative that one chills, from time to time at least, & admires the world they try so hard to sustain in. Smell the roses, per se, & if you happen to get stung by an overzealous bee, chalk that up to life-living & keep on pushing.

It's a simple solution to a paradoxically complex dilemma; just stop making life so hard. 9 times out of 10, it's not the incident that's difficult, it's the way you go about it dealing with it. Example; bills need to be paid yet, the money doesn't quite seem like it's going to stretch all the way. Whatdoyado? You do the best you can, & know for a fact that, no matter what, it will resolve itself, one way or another. Really. Thats it.

When I was a kid, my Dad would always say, "one way or another", & I guess it stuck. I mean, take the worst possible scenario of hardship, & add this component to the equation, "well, at least I'll be dead eventually". Tell me that doesn't release a tremendous amount of pressure.
Really though, when times get tough, just say it, "one way or another". If need be, get it tattooed on your neck, backwards & in reverse, like the sticker on the hood of an ambulance. That way, every time you need to remind yourself how beautiful you are, you can get a gander of this statement as well.

"They" say that life is too short (full circle, Ha!). If that's the case, relax, relate, release, regroup, then re-engage, in that order, daily.

One way or another.


Federal Ranga said...

Good drop, my man. People really do tend to overlook shit, overthink everything and overwhelm themselves to the point where life isn't enjoyable anymore.
Enjoy life and stop tripping!!!

But I hate when people say life is short forgetting its the longest thing you'll ever DO.


Capital G said...

* One's lack of bells & whistles makes them relatable, on all accounts.* - Except when Too Short dropped "Blow the whistle". (that was horrible, pardon me for that one).
In agreement with the post, my motto for starting the day is, "What's the worst that could happen? Getting punched in the face?" And we all know that ain't gonna happen so shit ain't gonna be all that bad. Just as sure as the sun is gonna set it sure as shit is gonna rise in the a.m. The world don't stop so there's no point in sweating the small shit.

somebody said...