Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Dr. Murray!

I'm pretty sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. I thought the whole point of Death was rest, or "sleep" as it's referred to in the Bible. If there is any relaxation in expiration, Mike's seeing no parts of it. What was the point of an effing funeral if the media just continues to parade his corpse around like pictures of Star Jones after her Lap Band surgery? I wouldn't be surprised if him, Tupac Shakur & Bruce Lee were sipping Pina Colada's on some island, stuffing hundred dollar bills into the coconut bra's of some exotic belly dancers. I'd give my big toe to be a fruit fly on that palm tree.


Dr. Murray, a/k/a Dr. Death (I know, right?) is basically being called a murderer, now that Mike Jack's death is officially a homicide. This newest leg of the witch hunt demands that someone be held responsible for the drug overdose that took the King of Pop from us. Now, all the doctor's who bragged about rubbing elbows with Jackson are wishing they hadn't, as they all are being thrown under the proverbial bus, one at a time. Celebrities by profession are now guilty by association. It's hard to feel sorry for multimillionaires, but God bless them all the same.

The main focus of media at the present is that they lay blame to someone. To me, thats a crock of dinosaur poo. I don't know about elite drug addiction, but I know about addiction, which in the grand scheme of things is the same mechanism. I'm no insider or gossip-heavy industry maverick, but I know exactly who to blame for his unintentional passing. Somebody needs to write me a check, & close the book on this one. Really though.

As most of you know, I'm an alcoholic. In recovery, but an alkie nonetheless. When I was checked into the hospital last year, for a veritable grocery list of ailments, the first thing my mother did was pray. Second thing, look for someone to blame. She gave my wife such a hard time that had I been in decent shape, I would've cursed her like we'd never met. I didn't appreciate that, for all the support my wife had given me through peaks & valleys, here's my mother blaming HER for ME almost committing suicide. No Dice.

No one made me drink. I don't care who handed me monies, or brought liquor to my house, or picked me up to go hang; nobody made me do shit. I chose to drink for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly. Sure, some can call not stopping me "enabling", but fuck your psycho-babble jargon. Tony does what Tony wants, which is a 33 year old habit. So, when I detoxed & truly sobered up, I vocally took full blame for my misfortune. What kind of douche would say that their stupidity is someone else's responsibility? Rhetorical question.

My point is, for all the circle-running that people are doing, they continuously overlook the fact that Michael decided, in his own warped, fragile little mind, that what he needed was medication. & lots of it. Sure, the docs didn't have to supply it, but who likes being broke, whilst tons of cash are potentially an immoral phone call away? I don't blame Dr. Murray for seeing this as an opportunity to pay bills, eat food & have somewhere to sleep. Hell, I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. If Michael Jackson tells you to do something, you do it. Case in point; rumor has it that MJ made advances on Webster & Macauley Culkin. Look at their respective careers. They should've let Mike do whatever it was he wanted to do to them, & maybe you guys wouldn't be thinking, "who the hell is he talking about?". Catch my drift?

Homicide, no. Suicide, most definitely. If blame absolutely must find a target, paint a bull's eye on the back of Joseph Jackson's fancy sportscoat. Otherwise, Mike was addicted to drugs, & chose to indulge without seeking any help. However slow & calculated, Mike did it to himself, & there's no two ways around it. He was no saint, no angel, & 100% human. Capable of the same fallible, erroneous behaviors as the rest of us.

Rest In Peace, Mike, whenever they decide to let you...


Phlip said...

I agree with this one 10000%, Grands.

Unfortunately, and you know this, the truth and common sense don't sell ad space.

ThaKemizt2012 said...

@ Phlip:
Real talk mayne. Somewhere along the line sensationalism straight caught journalism slippin.

I say if they absolutely have to pin "blame" somewhere, they might want to take a closer look at that shifty lookin monkey he had hangin around him at Neverland. Chimps is grimy son.

Tony Grands said...

Lmao @ "Chimps is grimy son"...

Kiana said...

@ TheKemiz - Leave Bubbles alone! lol

If Mike's own fam couldn't stop him from shooting up, there is no way Dr. Murray was going to be able to tell him no. I hope that doctor doesn't do time.

On another note, I think you're in a good place as far as recovery goes since you're taking full responsibility. BRAVO! My pops been in and out of AA since I was 10 and he still aint reached that step.

Tony Grands said...


Thanks. AA's a good support group, but Alcohol is a beast! So, I hope you're not too hard on pops.

1 year, 4 months & 28 days, by the grace of God.

No relapses, & no looking back.

Shout out to Kaiser Permanente!! Lol

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the title I knew what Grand$ was spreading(first time ever! (pause)).

I tried to tell y'all:

"Watch the greed of men x 10".

$ykotic Don McCaine aka Rob Cookcorkian

p.s. My bad. I grew up different.

Tony Grands said...

Congrats on your first pause, friendo!!!


somebody said...