Monday, August 24, 2009

The 5 Minute Factor: part two

.....continuation from yesterday's part one (I suggest you read it first).....

I've had a gun pointed at me on a few occasions. Every time though, a strange sense of calm washed over me, as if God were in my head telling me that I'll be fine; it'll be over soon. No bullshit. The same feeling I had last year, as I lay dying in an ICU cubicle. Doctor's were telling me, in so many words, that I probably wouldn't leave there the way I WANTED to, & perhaps it was the cacophony of meds being pumped into me every minute, of every hour, but I was never scared, word to T.I. & Bonecrusher.


*no dry-snitch* was the type of kid that, when on high alert, allowed his fight-or-flight mechanisms to take over. Not surprisingly, this time it was fight rather than flight, which I personally saw him do several times over the years, so I understood when I'd heard. Rightfully so, as fast as valley cat drew the weapon, it was snatched from his hand, & that quickly, the aggressor became the aggressee. *no dry-snitch* kicked him away, so that the same thing wouldn't happen to him, & kept the nozzle of the handgun stubbornly pointed in valley kid's general direction.

All this happening as the 3-penny piece watched in awe.

Knowing the plight of the over-eager, hard-headed young street survivor, I'm positive that several words were exchanged & some derivative of a scene from "Menace To Society" was acted out before the following took place;

Pop. Pop. Pop.

& like that, *no dry-snitch* was hoofing it back to his relatives' locale. Out of bounds, & out of options, his aunt, uncle & cousin jettisoned him to his mom's apartment, who in turn took him to another aunt's; his home back in L.A., around the corner from me. After all, how much thicker is blood than 'harboring a fugitive' when you really think about it? She gave him a few dollars & the best advice the mother of a murderer can give to her hell bound son; (& I quote, because I know her-more on that later) "Stay The Fuck In The House, *no dry-snitch*!".

He showed up on my porch early the next morning, with a bag full of clothes & a smile on his face. I opened the door & snatched him in, looking around before I slammed it shut, & began the "Furious Styles" rant & rave routine.

Fuck that. I've been a big part of a chain of command in this boy's life for years. Best believe I was going to get in his ass [||] about this uber-stupidity. He'd cry & go home before he'd even think about doing shit to me, word to strong male figures worldwide.

He told me his version of what happened, which was pretty close to what had already been leaked to the streets. Bad news travels fast, nah'mean? I rolled a blunt, & as we got high & mellow, I could smell the fear, paranoia & remorse, which by now was more pungent than the dirt weed we set ablaze.

The chick-a-dee had relatives out here, of course, & word of valley boy's death hit the block before *no dry-snitch*'s dusty Fila's did.

His aunt, a very nice but stern older lady wasn't ready to let a demon reside in her home. He'd been there all this time, so I didn't see what the big deal was, but nonetheless, he was on the run, & now homeless.

Guess who extended their back house?

Oddly enough, I've never felt as safe as I did with a killer living with me. It was better than having a gun. Anyone with a wild younger brother or an unstable rotweiler knows exactly what I mean. Except, this was beyond wild; *no dry-snitch* took a man's life, with his own gun. Bishop x 100, really though.

So, his mom paid me rent, &
thanked me often. In hindsight, her thanks wouldn't mean shit had the police ran up in the house. & best believe, they were looking for *no dry-snitch*, even went to his aunt's crib applying the pressure. Little did they know he was in my backyard, looking over the wall. But, that kind of thing doesn't register to a monster. He'd walk to the store, stand on the block, & pretend that all was normal, completely oblivious to the 5 minute factor.

The summer was over & he concluded that the heat had simmered, even though Black & Whites stayed canvassing all of our Black asses. One afternoon, he said somebody owed him so money, & when I offered him some, so he wouldn't have to leave, he mumbled & started walking away.

"I'll be right back Ant, in 5 minutes."

To be concluded tomorrow.....


Federal Ranga said...

It never fails... some people can't stop til they get enough. I believe that in the young guy's mind, letting the guy whose ass he just kicked & de-armed live would be pointless knowing that he would come back for more. In situations like this the "better it be you than me" factor sets in which would explain why he clapped on son. He probably put the shoe on the other foot and saw himself 6-feet under and probably predicted the same outcome if this spat continued. So he eliminated the 'threat'. As a man, I can't blame him because where I'm from/reside in Miami if you don't kill it, it comes back. Period.

Family is crucial, man. The things they won't do for their own. But when auntie put NDS out, I know it was only because there was only so much she could take and this kid who became a killer had to handle on his own. Good thing he had you [||], bruh.

I'm on my toes... gotta hear how this ends.

E7 preppin...

Capital G said...

Fuck Lenny Bruce, you're the M. Night Shyamalan of this blog shit. Plot twists and turns... couldn't wait for the conclusion, but noooooo, you gave us the middle! Damn you Grand$ and your story telling abilities. Lookin forward to the conclusion fam. If it don't come soon, I'm hopping a flight to LAX to get the rest in person. Keep 'em coming.

Black said...

Laying low is something that a lot of dudes just can't do. I've seen plenty of people do some dirt and the next day they try to play the block like nothing happened. In the case of your homie it looks like he is essentially doing the same thing even though he did try to give it a little bit of time to simmer down. He's still playing the same hood where everyone (the law, enemies etc) knows that he frequents. On a side note you've just gained a fan and I'll definitely be checking your blog out.

Tony Grands said...

'Preciate the 'preciation, gents.

Part three, the finale tomorrow (well, 1200am tonight pacific time actually, for the night owls, ha!).


Good looks, mayne. Always welcome here. Holler @ your boy...

somebody said...