Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IQ tests for all!!!

Dumb people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. Allow me to expand on that theory.

I've noticed that the most ignorant, aloof individuals on Earth usually have a cacophony of dust bunnies in tow. Pick any location & watch my point prove itself. I observe their kid's attempting to eat smaller, less capable children, bravely running "up" the "down" escalator or just casually walking the opposite direction from the rest of the herd, while they talk on a cell phone to "Nu Nu" about what day Shartruese is getting out of County. From what I could gather, Shartruese stabbed her baby daddy for getting her little sister pregnant, again.

"Guull, dat aggin ain't tihs no way! Huh ass shoulda shot him in his kcid the first gnikcufahtum time anyways, hoe! So when the kcuf she gettin up owdah dat hctib?"

Now, any self-respecting human would have appreciated my babysitter-at-large tenacity & been grateful I didn't allow their child to become some pervert's afternoon delight. But, not these people. Any right-minded parent would have thanked me for informing them that their little angel was hiding under that lady's shopping cart.

"Yes, THAT lady, the one headed towards the end of the aisle."

But, not these people. These people let five year olds pick out their own outfits. These people think babies cry without reason, disregarding any possible lack of food or need for soil removal. These people see no harm in having a child with every "boyfriend" they've had since age 15. These people think "Kool-Aid" is juice. These people think an E.B.T. card is a valid second form of Identification, & would threaten to cut you "six ways to Sunday" if you disagree. These people wouldn't know a positive parental tip if it was escorted by DPSS to their front porch & rang the doorbell with a hand grenade. Yet & still, these people continue to have children.

No offense, but theoretically & historically, Asians are some of the smartest people our species has to offer. & even THEIR culture has guidelines to regulate unnecessary child production. That speaks volumes. How is it that America hasn't joined that movement?

Let's take the following into consideration. I suggest manual IQ testing for everyone, starting at age 13. It's that simple.

Either pass with a specific
score, or by law, be required to take some sort of birth control.

This action may set the CDC into over drive, what with all the willy-nilly, free loving that may follow, but that's a small price to pay. Many detractors will surface also, but more than half of them won't have any idea what a detractor is to begin with, so their gripes can easily be overlooked.

*Disclaimer-I'm not referring to the mentally inept &/or challenged. This is in direct reference to the brainlessly unfunctional.*

"These people" run rampant through our communities, disguised as average common folk, but in reality are child services cases waiting to happen. One can only do so much without help, so join me as I begin boycotting, starting right this moment.

If you're an idiot, stop reading this immediately, & don't ever speak to me. Hopefully the trend will catch on, but hopefully before then President Obama will return my phone calls regarding said nationwide IQ exams.

In no more than a couple of generations, we could have this fiasco nipped in the bud.