Thursday, February 12, 2009

**Babies 'R' Us: UPDATE**

Earlier this week, I made the following statement in blog post "Babies 'R' Us" regarding the mother who gave birth to the 8 babies, Nadya Suleman:

"She should expect petitions, rallies, boycotts, & possibly her very own personalized wave of hate crime. By no means am I wishing that upon her family, but..........."

This morning, it was reported that her & the six children she already had have gone into hiding, due to numerous threats of violence & death.

It may have something to do with the intricate, professionally designed website that has been launched, complete with Pay Pal for "donations", as we, the American public, continue to foot her tribe's bill(s).

I don't even have a credit card scanner program on here, & the recession is definitely taking a toll on my sunflower seeds & Cactus Cooler stipend. Her quest for fame won't be as easy as she hoped.

I hate (pun intended) to congratulate my inner psychic, or pat my self on the back, but I think I just dislocated my shoulder. & I knew it was about to happen, so I had a tube of Ben Gay (no pun intended) on standby.

For any further insight, see "Babies 'R' Us" blog post, or just watch the news. Whatever idiotic twists this bizarre tale can take, I've probably covered it ahead of time, & since I'm not the modest type, I'll save us all some time by saying "Ha Ha! I knew it! I told you so!" now instead of later.