Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm not that smart

Until recently, I was under the impression that I was somewhat intelligent. Not a genius by any stretch, but most definitely eons away from average imbicility. Apparently, I was way off course.

My entire life, I've used general math/science properties to solve basic life situations, thusly I use the same tools when "judging" people. But, due to an overwhelming backlash of information, my entire theory of myself has been completely destroyed. Total grade curve annihilation.

Here I am, attempting to teach my children right from wrong, honoring myself & my family, respecting &/or treating other humans (& most animals) the same way I'd like to be dealt with, & for what? Not to mention, I (more or less) use the Bible as a manual for correct living, so under the rules & regulations it supplies, I should be considered a "good person". "Should" being the operative word. "Operative" being a term most should understand. Yeah, right.

We all know (well, not all of us) that applied math/science doesn't necessarily equal fact-based reality. In theory, if one travels fast enough, one could traverse time & space at their leisure. If that were so easily achievable, "I" should have showed up 10 years ago & warned "me" not to invite my future babymomma to spend the night.

*Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but.........*

In other words, just because a formula makes sense, doesn't mean that it's entirely applicable to all situations.

For example, I can teach my children to practice safety when crossing a street, but all it takes is one drunk driver to obliterate any ideals created. Or I can inform my daughter about all the terrible outcomes of unprotected sex, yet a rapist can render all knowledge null & void.
So, for all my tries at actions to place me in the "stand up guy" category, they're hordes of people who have no idea what that ideology means. Or how their behavior affects society. & since "stupid is as stupid does", I have an overwhelming sense of sorrow for the "average" person, as well as my kids when they leave my side.

In a general population of people where idiotic thoughts govern ridiculous antics, the evidence states clearly that I'm not that smart, assuming that "smart" people are now the minority. & using any type of grade curve system, majority rules.

"Dumbing down" for me is not an option, & it seems on a broader level, to the masses, neither is "wising up".

So, the unanswerable question becomes "What do I do?". Nothing. Live to the best of my God-given ability, & become accustomed to my role as an outcast.

At least God & I know I gave it the old college try.