Monday, November 9, 2009

"& get the hell outta the way."

I try not to get into politics, religion & parenting with anyone other than my wife, for obvious reasons. People, in general, are noncomformist when it comes to their ideologies & beliefs, whether right or wrong. One's belief system is often the main idiosyncrasy of their personality, & allowing that to be swayed or changed would symbolize a less than concrete stance on who they are as individuals. Basically, who we are is what we believe, & that's what separates us from one another.

One of my mainstay beliefs is my faith in God. My background is deeply rooted in Baptist teachings, with a twist of Catholicism, but as I've gotten older, I've broken from the "traditional" system of thinking & traversed theology on by my own scruples & disciplines. Regardless of semantics, God is who/what/where I turn when I can no longer find solace in the mankind's problem-solving abilities. Granted, your higher power may not be God, but the point of letting go still remains intact.

I'd be hard pressed to always rely on my limited human capabilities to solve life's dilemmas. Even if what I've come to accept as actuality is completely juxtaposed to reality, sometimes it's good to be able to release secular worries to something, anything. As I've gotten older, & presumably wiser (?), I notice that more often than not, I tell people to "let go & let God". I'm almost positive I've heard that repeatedly growing up, but it became more incessant after rehab, & although there, surrounded by addicts & derelicts, it was another variation of the saying, the sentiment is no less relevant. Lately, I've been adding my own personalized spin, if only to emphasize my point even further.

Let go, & let God, & get the hell outta the way.

I guess my implication is that, if your intention is to truly give your situation(s) to God, you have to be willing to not only sacrifice power, but fully submit to your faith in God's ability to accomplish what you can't. I do realize that this doesn't apply to everyone, & depending on the foundation laid, we may be talking about to completely different entities. &, that's cool too. I'm not a preacher or reformist, so my plan isn't to get one to deviate from their principals. However, if I can offer a word or three to someone willing to listen, then why the hell not?

I'm not telling anyone to go find God. But I'm just giving testimony to what I believe can make life a lot easier. We all go through things, some of us more often than others, & advice from another problem magnets isn't enough sometimes. Just saying...

I'd love to turn this into a philosophical discussion on the existence (or non-existence) of God, but that's for the individual to decide. But, I'd be doing myself & others a disservice if I didn't at least put the thought(s) out there. Planting the proverbial seed, so to speak.


shante carlan ; said...

my new mantra over the past couple of months has become "let go & let God." get the hell outta the way? aha, maybe I should add that in it as well! I think that for a lot of people it takes an intensely traumatic occurrence for them to turn to God. but everyone has a right to a decision, belief, et al.

great post as always!

Federal Ranga said...

Justice Tonada Andrews Williams of Atlanta, Georgia; you should read this blog and the girl who commented first pretty muched summed up your life as far as religion goes because you ha e had MORE traumatic experiences than anyone I have ever met. I think you are pathetic in some light and should've sought God while things were going good. That is all I am going to say to you. Chuuuch.

Great post, my nigga. Real shit.

somebody said...