Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I heart U

I know we've been on Michael Jackson overdose (npi) for about a week now. I refuse to add to that with some "tribute" or give you a reiteration of what the entire planet's been talking about.

What I will do is use the situation as a wake up call for Love. We, as humans, have this unconscious desire to love, & the ability to carry it out into action. Some say that's what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. That, & the fact that we worship God. I believe other animals can love, but its more "that's the hand that feeds me" ethos, rather than "I'll die for him by choice".

Either way, I'm not an advocate for animal rights, so in most cases I couldn't care less what happens to them. Don't worry, I don't have any pets. I have kids, I don't need other helpless creatures to poop on my furniture, eat my food & do whatever it takes to garner my attention. & for the record, I don't even like most Humans that much.

But the ones I do care about, its undoubtedly love. I'm old enough to have filtered out the unnecessary buffoons from my life. & most people considered "friends" are just useless seat fillers in the theater of the mind. No Dice. They can get popcorn somewhere else. So, the remainder are part of my extended family, some blood related, most aren't. I don't need similar blood plasma or a DNA test for one to be considered family.

F*@k a Maury Povich.

I said that to say this; appreciate your loved ones while they're here. An old person said to me once, "give flowers to the living". I took that to mean that dead people don't say thank you, much less realize what the hell is going on. They're dead, remember? For some reason, people thought MJ was invincible (again, npi), & we never expected such a thing to happen to him. But it did, & it will happen again countlessly until the last days.

Life is a one-time deal, & within an eye's blink, it can change forever. Take no one for granted. Let those whom you care for know that, as often as you wish. &, on the same token, don't waste time on folks who aren't worth yours.

There's not much worse than a 6 year relationship wasted on some douche who can't give you a refund on time. Actually, what's worse is having an intregal part of your life taken from existence without warning, & living the rest of your life angry because the last time you talked to them was an argument, & you never had the chance to say "I love you", much less say goodbye.

Think about it. God bless. Hey, I love y'all.