Thursday, July 2, 2009

No, he was really moonwalking!

Now that the tributes have happened & the memorializing of an icon is well under way, of course, the debunking must begin.

The die-hard fans have cried, the not-so dedicated followers have begun to move forward, & as the smoke must clear, the truth shall now come to the light. Its mandatory; just the way this life machine works. & let's be honest, who doesn't love a little posthumous drama, especially involving a celebrity. Even if the celeb is revered by some as Music Supremacy.

According to several sources, Michael Jackson was a hardcore drug addict. One such source being TMZ. & not that Harvey Levin is THE man, but he's damn close. Just ask Chris Brown. For all the years of tasteless jokes & speculation aimed toward Mike, who would have thought that the jokes about drug addiction would eventually be deemed accurate? Of course, growing up under Mike's reign, one wouldn't truly subscribe to the theory that his moonwalking was synthetically induced. But, in a strange twist, he really was high enough to traverse the moon's surace. That's pretty f*cking sad.

His open-book life would be worthy of some type of mind-altering device usage. Where I'm from, drugs are introduced early in life to cope with the harsh realities that emerge even earlier. Why would Michael's situation be any different than, say, a teenage mom or a boy who's step dad sexually molested him? Mike's may have been worse, simply because the entertainment business is a cold-blooded monster with no regard to the age of it's victims. Who truly knows what Mike witnessed, but God?

& being in his position in life may have caused a worse outcome than the local crack dealer being your best friend. He had numerous doctors who knowingly subscribed him whatever he wanted, which is clearly illegal. For further proof, Mike had several alias' to collect his narcotics. That's lying. You only lie if you feel there is something to be ashamed of. Yes, even Mike.

He appeared frail & weak sometimes, others he seemed upbeat & over animated. Now, maybe there's a legitimate reason behind those peaks & valleys.

I've been addicted to alcohol, so I know first-hand how seriously that type life can damage you & all those in your vicinity. I guess Mike had enough money to make everything appear okay, until he was no longer available to clean up his mess(es).

The jury is still out on whether or not his personal physician is responsible for his death, but at this rate, its not going to say "Natural Causes" on his death certificate.

He had a heart attack, per se, but it seems his heart was broken long before it stopped beating.

Now, there's a glimmer of reasoning behind the rash choices he seemed to make. Seriously, what sober person buy's another man's bones or owns a pet monkey. I've heard, plenty of times, about his love for the "Jesus Juice", but even a drunk dude doesn't behave in such a manner as to completely alter their appearance. Completely, as in my kids were freaked out when they say pictures of him from birth to death.

"That kid is Michael Jackson, Daddy? What happened to him?"

I've always felt sorry for child celebrities, & I'll be a monkey's uncle (npi) if he doesn't further fuel the flame of infamy ruining a kid's chance at living a normal adult life. Now, even in death, he's unable to find any type of peace. The saddest part is that he so dearly wanted his "kids" to have a good life, but it seems he just dumped a lifetimes worth of complications on their respective laps. Not to mention the doctors who were simply trying to "help out" a friend in pain. More pain than any of us could ever fathom.

Hell, I blame Joe Jackson, truth be told.

I know the drugs are what ultimately killed him, but, one has to wonder. Was it suicide of sorts?


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