Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Obama, Now This

"On Thursday [June 18], the United States Senate delivered a unanimous resolution on the eve of Juneteenth apologizing for slavery and segregation. The resolution, which had been introduced a few years back, is the first official statement on behalf of the U.S. Government to acknowledge responsibility for slavery, as well as segregation. " - HipHopDX

WTF? I'm glad they cleared that up. All these years I had been blaming Black people.

So, some gaggle of douches has decided that after centuries of genocide, suicide, & fratricide of a people by "their" hands that we deserve an apology. Wow. Should we send them a bouquet of flowers or just dance in the streets to exhibit our glee? I mean, I can't be the only man who views this as a great day in history. Hoorah for America's sympathetic heart that bleeds for our nation.

Nevermind the fact that we were kidnapped & taken from our identities & habitat(s), forever scarred & anonymous long before we had the displeasure of segregation & racial jugdgement being all we knew. A pleasant apology makes it all better. No need for a band-aid, Uncle Sam.

One has to wonder if Barak Obama's election had anything to do with this. Then, that thought makes me surmise just what percentage of his victory derived from a "sympathy vote". You have to figure that after all the struggle & injustice that we've gone through, its odd that this country just collectively decides that its okay for a (half) Black man to run it, unless they felt bad about something. Very suspect, in my opinion.

I can't begin to fathom the amount of damage that's been done since whoever decided, "yeah, let's just make them do all the shit we don't wanna...". Monumental, at the very least. How can you say sorry for generational rape, which quite possibly may have lead to a form of on-going psychological trauma that can never be recovered from.

Let me guess.....Without Slavery, we would have never gotten Malcolm X, MLK Jr, & the freedom fight for civil rights. But, without slavery, we wouldn't have ever needed any of those things. Another instance of "the chicken or the egg", no?

My grandmother was ravaged, my grandfather was broken, my sister was taken, my brother was sold, my children were brainwashed, but if you tell me that you really didn't mean for it to turn out this way, then all is forgotten. No Dice. Being able to eat at their table & piss in their urinals doesn't count as a reparation.

&, to announce such an atrocity in the wake of Juneteenth is even a bigger backhanded apology. Might as well have announced it in the midst of Black History month, during the Spike Lee movie marathon. Better yet, invited every "important" Black in America to a barbecue, to honor the event, & have it catered by Popeye's & Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. Grape sodas & Newport cigarettes for everyone.

Its referred to as a "resolution". What's that supposed to mean? What, exactly, is to be resolved? Murder? Racism? Impoverishment? Really, "they" would've been better of just leaving things the way they've been all this time & letting "us" think that we're making steps towards social reconciliation on our own rather than acknowledge & remind us with this apology.

The Native Americans got the right to gamble legally, the Hispanics got all of Southern California, & we got Kwaanza, Juneteenth, rumors of reparations & a three-year old "resolve" which, most folks probably don't even know exists. Personally, I've never been a slave, so there's only so much hatred I can muster up against the powers that be, but the mere fact all this (& by all this, I mean the plight of the Black family in America) could have been avoided by a small dose of humanity & good will towards mankind, pisses me off. Now, we're the step-children that are forced to fend for ourselves, even though we've become our biggest opponents. Often times in the Black community, distrust of the police resonates deeply, but that's not who I'm worried about. I'm worried about niggas, standing on the corner, waiting, who can't get jobs, or attend school to better themselves &/or provide for their families. That causes a "survival of the fittest" mentality that can't be matched by a peace officer's blood lust. I know those dudes didn't choose to live a life of hardship & turmoil because it seemed like a good idea at birth. Oh, I just remembered, the senate said sorry.

Guess I'll walk down the street to my neighborhood church to pray about it, & after that go right next door to the liquor store & get drunk to forget about.

That's what we've been doing or centuries.


SUPRSHAZ. said...

CO. SIGN. In Australia they did the same thing, they apologised to the Aborigines for basically raping them of what sense of their own culture they had.

Maybe it's me, but I'm under the impression that it's just an empty apology; and that they're saying it show that they [the gov't] are the "bigger" people.

Chimney said...

Very good blog. I've read a couple of yours today cuz I see you on XXLMag commentin a lot on the stories and I followed the link. I got respect for your intellectualism. I feel ya perspective n enjoy ya input on the different subjects I see you commentin on. You keep my mind stimulated while at work. Deauces..............

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