Sunday, January 18, 2009

R.I.P. Mr. Rogers

That statement is a bit tardy (several or more years to be exact), but dude's gone none the less.

Damn shame too, because if ever his field of expertise was needed, its today.

Like "yesterday" today.

Now, before all the scrutiny & character assasination begins, let me say in his defense, that Mr. Rogers was from a simpler America.

Where people went to bed with windows & doors unlocked. When parents could incorporate capitol punishment into their "adulthood preparation" routine without the fear of a DPSS shakedown (not that I condone it, but I understand).

Before poisonous Halloween candy & Chester the Molester flooded our neighborhhods, unregistered. Teachers relentlessly wielded paddles, & children were seen & not heard. Thanks to Fred Rogers & "Trolley", the latter was easily achieved.

His show, along with Sesame Street, Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, etc, taught kids about love, friendship, compassion, as well as fundamental scholastic abilities. Coupled with the razzle dazzle of hand-puppets & imaginary far-away places, we had no idea of the values being instilled in our juvenile mindscapes.

See, I just don't believe Rihanna & TI have my children's best interests at heart, what with all their money makin' & record sellin'. & even without the shenanigans of the entertainment industry, somethin' still tells me those aren't the type of individuals I want my kids to admire. Nothin personal guys.

Back then, I played sick a lot because my teacher was a douche & watched PBS from dawn to dusk. & I don't think I turned out all that bad, especially according to the grade curve. These kids today are oblivious to that simpler America.

The world is so bass ackwards now, the only place people use the word "safe" is during a baseball game. I used to walk to school in the first grade, with a gaggle of neighborhood crumbsnatchers, & no supervison. Now my sons on the other hand, aren't allowed to sit on the porch unless I'm in arm's distance. & I couldn't call myself a good father if I wasn't prepared to deal with all the reasons my daughter will have to blurt out "I hate you!!!!" everyday after her 13th birthday.
"So what?! I'm NOT your friend, I'm your father!"

Imagine my surprise when I overheard my less-than-a-decade old little girl quietly singing about how she "kissed a girl, & [I] liked iii-it". For the record, her Mother doesn't monitor what she listens to or watches. I assume she sits right along side her, joyously proclaiming her love for the fairer sex as well. I don't know, but I don't doubt. Lucky for me though, her Stepmom is a great role model.

I asked my youngest boy what he wanted for his birthday, he said "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars". Do toy stores still carry Lego's? Etch-A-sketch's? Forget about coloring books. Not even 6, but he's ready to wage war on illegal immigrants over turf & cocaine. Now, somebody please tell me how that happened?

I know I have good kids, wholeheartedly, but one man alone isn't strong enough to rebuke such secular wickedness alone. The only man ever in existence that powerful was tricked, captured, mutilated, & died on a wooden stake, while his father watched. So what the hell do you think would happen to little ol' me?

I don't believe in destiny. I don't subscribe to fate. I'm a follower of hard work, dedication & unyielding faith. I planted the seeds, & I turn & water the soil nonstop, but that may not be enough. Until my Higher Power is recognized by the higher powers, all effort could very well be for naught. Sad, pathetic fact.

In retrospect, Mr. Rogers might have been the dam holdin' the flood at bay. The calm voice & soothing persona, for all we know, may have been pacifying the ravenous beast that's now seemingly too strong for man to capture & contain. & damnit, he made me feel good about being me, even before I was formally introduced to myself. What television show, cable or otherwise still does that?

If any philanthropists are reading this, let's invest some serious loot into this stem cell thing. Mr. Rogers may need to be cloned.


SUPRSHAZ. said...

oh, what a GRAND post; no pun intended from your name XD but I definitely agreed on everything you said.

FlapJack said...

Great post Grand$!
Didn't know you were bloggin.

You have to love the crazyness though!
I always hated those shows as a kid. I wanted to watch Turtles and Power Rangers. But I can't see myself ever being a responsible parent, so you might be on to something

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