Friday, September 25, 2009

Twitter Gonna Kill Somebody!

This whole insta-communication thing has always been kind of suspect to me. Gone are the days of not answering your phone or ignoring contact with people, regardless how irritating they may be. Case in point, there's at least 5 ways to get in touch with me, if anyone really wanted to reach me. Oddly enough, I don't even have a house phone & know very few people under the age of 40 that do. My little brother hipped me to that "on-the-go" way of life some years back. I thought it was the dumbest idea ever. The only people who shouldn't have house phones are those without houses. Eventually though, my wife & I succumbed, & realized we eliminated a bill. But the trade-off for one less bill isn't necessarily worth being available for comment at all times of the day.

Which leads my to my next point. Say, you did something to me that warranted some immediate attention paying. First, I'll call you. If that doesn't take, I'll text you. Still no dice? I'll send a polite email, & include the fact that I've tried reaching you to no avail. If need be the big guns come out, per se. I'm hitting myspace & FaceBook with an ass load of things to say, knowing damn well that you won't be the only one to read them. This would be the social networking equivalent of DEFCON 3. Privacy is no more an option at this point, seeing as though I've decided to take it to the "streets". My last, & most audacious resort would be to hit you on the Twitter, for the world to see. Now, we're at DEFCON 4, & with a limited amount of shoving, I could make you a trend. Yeah, a trend. Thats when the users make fun of a person/place/thing even if they have no idea why, it just becomes fun & cool to the popular & anonymous alike. Papoose, Bow Wow & Ace Hood have all allen victims of said trending, & it wasn't pretty.
[tony's note: seem as if rapper fabolous has become the spokesperson for dissing other rappers on twitter. i called it a couple weeks back on "what happens in las vegas, goes on twitter". just want my credit....]

There's an incident right now involving blogger Combat Jack ( & radio personality Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97fm (the place where Hip Hop lives). Jack took sourly to some thing's Rosenberg said during the morning talk show, & decided to give him a piece of his mind via Twitter. & to think, 10 years ago, you'd have to wait until you caught a nigga slipping at the grocery store. Whatever Jack said was far from insulting, or even insinuating, he merely wanted to make a point in regards to Quadaffi's speech at the UN meeting. Rosenberg, obviously a man of many words, hence his profession, tweeted back to Combat Jack:

"Ill slap the shit out of you in front of ur kids..."

Now, any other interaction between the two is irrelevant. At this juncture, Rosenberg had crossed the sand line Combat drew in the proverbial sand. [tony's note: proverbial is like my most favorite word ever.] Not only did this whole episode not begin with any threatening language or chance for violence, but you don't wave threats in front of a (Black) man, AND involve his children without expecting quite the backlash. Keep in mind, a Black man who does raise his kids is naturally going to be extra territorial over them. & the fact that it was on Twitter, where possibly thousands witnessed the occurrence, only fuels the fires.

Under normal circumstances, Jack, a New Yorker, would have driven to Rosenberg's place of business, also in New York, & the two could've swiftly gotten to the bottom of such blatant douche nozzleness. What made this not "normal", was the fact that Combat Jack is a lawyer, & Rosenberg knows that. Had Jack been in a different place in life, God only knows what may have happened. Well, I have an idea & it would've most likely involved jail time for one, hospital time for the other.

These days, cats like Fabolous go around teasing lesser familiar rappers, breathing new life into the phrase "cyber-bully". Who's to say that one of these not-as-successful rappers decides to make a name for themselves? Back in the days, if the beef were that insistent, one would go to the nearest venue the other was performing at, wait around until the show was over & confront them. No emotional outburst distributed throughout a social network. If "fuck you" is what you wanted to say, you'd first have to possess the balls to say it to someone's face. I'll admit that, as a whole, we've become more aggressive & less confrontational, society-wise. All you need is an ISP address & you can go around spewing as much distaste as your hateful heart desires.

Remember that girl that everyone teased & bullied & humiliated online, who eventually brokedown & committed suicide? Yeah, something like that, but only murder.

Eventually, all that will change though because, & quote me, Twitter's gonna get somebody killed.

**Take a moment & pray for my big homie Dallas Penn. & yourselves, while you're at it.**


ThaKemizt said...

I think this may be another contributor/symptom of the blurring of gender lines in America today. Now, the way I always thought it was, females can go talking shit all day because they know chances are all another female is gonna do is try to "ruin them" verbally. As a man, however, you should know that if you say the wrong thing to the wrong cat you might get hit in the face. Period. There should be things that men don't say to other men unless they're really willing to take it there. Fuck all this social network shit. You know what we call that? WITNESSES NIGGA!

Dave Lucas said...

twitter is also a great way to "eavesdrop" on communiques between certain NYC radio personalities... one weekend I followed two gals all over the city... that info in the wrong hands could be trouble... with a HUGE "T" ... think before you tweet!

Capital G said...

Rosenberg deserves to catch a life altering ass whippin'. This has nothing to do with race or profession. You threaten a grown ass man in front of his kids, in public none-the-less, you most definitely deserve to be beaten in the face until your profile has been completely rearranged. If Jack wanted to play it extra legal-like, I'm pretty sure Peter's comments can be construed as terroristic threats. Fuckin' coward ass pussy who hides behind twitter. He should drive his punk ass over to Brooklyn and ring the man's doorbell if he's as confident in his hand skills as he portrays. Fuckin' disgusting hairy vagina is what he is. Douchebag.

Apocalypse said...
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Apocalypse said...

Yeah, I agree to the 10th degree. I've refused to get a twitter page since that crap started. Myspace was a good outlet for artist and for people just connecting with each other but, twitter takes that shit to another level. People post all kinds of updates allllll day on that mess lol. Fab reminds me of that one chick you really liked but, she talked soo damn much about any and EVERYTHING,you had to let her go lmao. Also, lets not forgot about that damn drama queen Perez Hilton, LMFAAOOO this dumbass gets punched in the face by Will I Am's people and his first thought isn't to fight back(which no one expected from that joke) it isn't even to call the police(if you choose to go that route). THIS fool decides to TWEET for people to call the po po because he just got his ass kicked LMAO. I know the story is funny but at the same time, its rather sad. It shows us where our society as a whole is going because people actually called them for him. Anyway, you're right, one of those internet thugs will find the right real cat to fuck with and as my uncle used to say "It'll be hell to tell the captain" lmao

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