Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Day Of The New Year...

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Peter Parker's Uncle Ben or somebody else, but I'm just gonna give him the credit

I'm not even really sure how to apply that to this, but mostly, a nigga's always wanted to say that in regards to myself. Ha!

Anyway, January 1st, & guess what? I have news to share...

I've been recruited for the war to bring truth, justice, & the (light-skinned African) American way to more screens, by way of

The General himself, Combat Jack, has put together a team, in an effort to put boot to neck of this blog shit! Needless to say, I'm honored that he'd fuck with your boy in such a capacity, & I have something to truly appreciate in 2010, & I haven't even been awake an hour yet. As well as yours truly, there's:

Riggs Morales-former writer at The Source & A&R for Shady Records

Epiphany-of 'I Am The Life', at

Danja-of 'Danj Loves The 90's' at

Amp Geez-of 'Amplified Grammar' at

Dom Corleone-of 'Hold the Throne' at

Ice-of 'IceDotCom' at

He put the call out, & I, along with a handful of other talented cats, answered, & as we gather the weapons & map out the strategies, rest assured I'll be repping to the full, keeping it absolute, & taking my niggas (& niggettes) with me in to the stratosphere. Hopefully, y'all will continue to ride with your boy wherever this road is leading, because as I say like at least once a month, I do this shit for y'all. Talking to myself all day wouldn't hold quite as much weight, & people tend to shy away from schizophrenic dudes.

The schematics are still being worked out, so I'm going to let cats know when my first bomb drop's over there, but that's not going to change Reading & Writing, but rather expand the horizons & definitely make it do what it do. I guess I learned one more thing; important people notice you're grind when it's absolute. Or, in laymen's, real recognize real, if you will.

Happy new year, y'all.

Official announcement here:


B-Boy Cult said...


gotdammit, boy, im happy like the shit happened to me!

my nigga grands just got called up to the majors! damn! im happy like when faggots find out rappers are gay! like bitches when they find out that the lightskin pretty baw got real African genetics! like a Rothschild in a government treasury! yeah, that happy!!! go get 'em, man. and dont change a thing! well a few.. get more multi media wit it. but get 'em!!!!!

Capital G said...

Holy Sheeeiiiitt! Congratulations on the great news. Big things are coming fam. Best of luck with the new endeavor. Fuck the haters, keep doin what you do and everything will work itself out quite nicely. Trust, your loyal readers are proud of the kid right now.

Phlip said...

This is a great look for you, Grands!
I would be lying if I said that I wouldn't love to have such an arrangement.

BLESSD1 said...

Grands, I just jumped on board, but congrats bruh! I'll keep my eyes glued to the screen and be checking for your moves [ll]. Get em son!

Don said...


Congrats homie! If I would've knew PasaD was that close to you I would've drove thru with a celebratory swisha!

Jamal7Mile said...

Simply amazing!

I got a big ol' Kool-Aid smile wrapped around my skull right now. Now THAT'S how you start off a new decade!

Grands, you already know.

somebody said...