Sunday, July 26, 2009

Skynet. Is. Real.

I'm not sure how I feel about this technology, but it's definitely some kind of way. Matter of fact, I feel like the whole "Terminator" universe is raining down on our heads. Really though. Computers are in the process of learning & making decisions now. WTF?! People don't see that in our rush to humanize machinery that we are rendering ourselves obsolete at an alarming rate. Hell, I don't even dial phone numbers anymore. I just tell the Blackberry who I want to talk to, & Boom!, done deal. Convenient, yes. Productive, not one iota. I first really noticed this when half of my neighborhood got locked up. Those were the first physical letters I'd written in years.
& thanks to these so-called social networks, I can have friends without ever hearing their voices or smelling their body oils (or lack thereof). Granted, I'd rather type than talk, but I'm a bit introverted, so I have an excuse. Meanwhile, the whole point behind a "social network" is undoubtedly just the opposite of it's implication. Social skills have nothing to do with the entire process. True, you have more access to people, on a wider scale, but what ever happened to human interaction? Do they plan on inventing a Hug-o-matic? Or a Hand Shaker 3000? As much as I'm not a fan of Halitosis, I'd rather that than the cold, lifeless buzz & whurr of a hard drive. Shit, we don't even have to go shopping. We can sit in our coffee (or other??) stained PJ's & order from a virtual catalog. Damn, between online purchasing & social networking, "Can I get your number?" will be one of those obsolete phrases like "Post No Bills". Remember those?

& don't get me started on the Porn. Word to Byron Crawford.

I'm just saying. If we were roaches, technology is the Raid seeping into the orifices of our natural existence. Whoever came up with the premise for the Terminator movies was a fortune-telling motherfucker. I understand that scientists & engineers want progress to continue, but any fool who's watched sci-fi movies over the past 30 years should know that the last thing we want to do is emulate what we saw. But, I wouldn't know a quantum physics equation from a cat's asshole, so what do I know? Although, I do know this; I'd rather not have my Xbox wig out & decide to terminate me in attempts to overthrow my living room.

Bing "Japanese Pleasure Robot", & tell me that's not some futuristic, freak show shit. & have you heard about the driverless car? Remember how much that concept sucked for Will Smith in "I, Robot" when he wanted to drive? Or Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" when he wanted to get out? Follow me, there's a point. I promise.

We've been duped into thinking that less mental & physical activity is making society better, but, we had the same attitude towards hispanics in the workplace. No racism, but look how that turned out.

If there is a benefit from the Information Super highway, it's that people are reading & writing again. It's all exercise for the brain, so it's impossible for the activity to be bad. Dudes who thought they had something the world needed to hear can now express themselves through blogs, tweets & the ilk. Whether or not they have something worth reading &/or writing is irrelevant. At least they're doing it. I read more blogs & news online than I read during my first 21 years of life. & some of it is even good.

Bottom line, let's, as a race, not rollover & allow the same shit that happened in the Terminator movies to befall us. Honestly, I'm not trying to John Connor the human race. That time travel looked to be a little too painful for yours truly.


The Shillz Da Realz Show said...

Yeah I was just reading this in the Sunday's New York Times. it's Crazy people don't no when to stop trying to push the envelope.

Jamal7Mile said...

Good drop! You should see this movie called "Eagle Eye" starring Rosario Dawson and some other people. It's in the same vein as your post and it will kinda freak you out. On that note...

Twelve pound sledgehammer >>> artificial intel.


Capital G said...

Time travel would be the shit! Now butt-naked time travel is a little out of my league. On a serious note, a majority of our technology has it's origins in the military and when's the last time the government had our best intentions at heart?

Tony Grands "the Lenny Bruce of this blog sh!t" said...

Check out my drop, "the horsemen". I have a feeling you'll enjoy.

Yeah, that's shit stars shia lebouf (sp). I heard it was ill, now I have a reason. Good look.

@Cap G
I believe most technology is born out of malice intentions. Then they stumble upon so alternate use. I doubt GPS was made to find lost dogs & cheating spouses. Fuck time travel, I don't mind being naked, that shit looks painful. Fuck pain too, ha!

dallas said...

Nice drop.

Since when did "keep in touch" actually mean for you to touch someone? [ll]

Of this is man's destiny then we are kind'a stuck in the backseat of the whip.

I've decided to stop looking at the driver and to just keep looking out the windows.

Are we there yet?

somebody said...