Thursday, April 16, 2009

Us(a) VS. Them

Call me old-fashioned, but I understand the plight of the "pirates".

I'm not sure where their exact home base is located, but I know they're not American. If they were, they wouldn't waste time negotiating ransoms & collecting hostages. That's not the American way. They'd jump aboard the ship, kill everyone on board, rape, pillage, plunder & leave with whatever wasn't bolted down.

Yep, that sounds about right.

Most likely, when they were done domesticating the captured vessel, they'd tow it back to shore & convert it to a cruise ship, gambling boat or some other money-driven endeavor designed to further fund the one-sided war being waged on the remainder of humanity. You know, everybody who wasn't/isn't American.

Instead, said "pirates" are an obvious band of vigilante refugees apparently fed-up with westernized thinking & conductivity (i.e. "Fuck you; this is rightfully ours no matter what you think & we dare you to do something about it!"). Westernized thinking that has left them a defeated, forgotten people. Lawless & desperate, it would appear that their abandonment issues have gotten the best of them; a prime example of the chickens coming home to roost.

Funny thing about oppression is that it's not savvy at all. Therefore, it's backlash is equally as, if not more so, treacherous. Europe was the main target in the seek & seizure exercises of the Somalians, but we had to expect that at some point the melee would spill over onto it's brother. Us(a). Whether or not we (America) played in active role in the proverbial destruction of their continent is unproven per se, but there's no convincing a man with a gun aimed at your head. You either hope God is as good as you thought or fight back. So, fight back it is.

President Obama (& every president before him) publicly stated that we don't negotiate with terrorists. We let the business end of a bullet do all the necessary talking. I'm on the fence about that, partly because I am American & love my country, & partly because the movie Amistad was about my people & I rooted for the slaves when they took over the ship.

So, who do I root for here? Had one of my relatives been aboard that Maersk cargo transporter when it was taken over, I could easily cheer for the red, white & blue. But they weren't. Not only do I love an underdog, but I love a rebel with a cause even more. I grew up listening to Chuck D telling me to "fight the power". Little did I knew at age 12 that the "power" I'd be fighting was the same power with unmitigated control over my life. & just think, the Somalians probably despise Pres. Obama even more than most Kenyans. They are waiting to attack his credibility on both continents.

For whatever reason, they didn't kill the captain. I think it was because deep down inside there's still a fear of white skin that predates any current social conflict. Had the captain been an American of African Descent, I don't think the Navy S.E.A.L.'s would have had the same opportunity at murder. Or justice, as we like to call it.

Hopefully, there will come a day when the world can get on the same page & put the word "mankind" to good use. We're still stuck on the "kind of man", so I don't see any change in the near future. Until that utopia is ascertained, expect things to worsen extensively.

I seriously doubt the next captain caught slipping will be so lucky.


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