Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Prom Queen Has A Hot Revolver!

I just bought I brand new pair of Skull Candy earphones yesterday. Actually, they're a replacement for the first pair that I blew out. I like my music real loud. So, ceremoniously, I spent the majority of last night raping the Net for it's free wares. Like any fun-loving American should do from time to time. Usually, when I'm on download mode I don't listen to any of the songs until I'm satisfied or I fall asleep in my recliner. But, like my loud music, I love coffee, maybe too much, so a full day's consumption had me too wired to sleep.

Somewhere between my wife's snoring & the bird's morning tweet, I ran through the entire catalog of joints I already had & those I currently ripped. &, to my shock & awe, Lil Wayne was a good 40% of my music. I didn't realize (remember) how much I liked him until almost every other random track had some type of Wayne affiliation. It started with "Prom Queen", then "Hot Revolver". Then backtracked to "P.M.W." to "Go D.J." & some older songs I had previously that he featured on. I started thinking about all the times I cracked wise on dude; the "Marilyn Monroe" stud, the Frankenstein scar tat on his forehead, his liquid jeans (whadup Kay Bee!?), his dreads that look as if they're ready to awaken & crawl out from underneath his filthy headgear, etc. But, all that is just comedic relief to how uncomfortable I feel when I look at him. He's a scary looking guy, more so than even Michael Jackson himself.

Yet & still, he's a creative son of a bitch. That is fact-based, undeniable truth. From where he started with Hot Boyz to his explosion of a solo career to him veering off into the unknown with Tha Carter 3, to his upcoming alternative (some call it rock, but obviously they need to step their genre knowledge up) release, homie gives you music to listen to. & after all, isn't that what WE pay THEIR salaries for?

I've never supported a rapper because I thought he was handsome [||], or because I had an interest in his views on global warming & terrorism. I buy the album because I need something to wash dishes to. Or to preoccupy me between meals. My taste in music grows in leaps & bounds yearly; most rap dudes been muttering the same rhetoric for years, thus I don't look/listen for something new, per se. Now, I'm interested in the song structure itself: instrumentation, subject matter, cohesion, musical personality if you will. Wayne doesn't let me down, even as he moans into a vocorder about girl problems & drug addiction. There's an undeniable passion to what he does, even if one doesn't agree with his methods.

To all those that "hate" Wayne for one reason or the next, first I ask that you find the best blaze in your hood, put the kids to bed, roll up & zone out to Tha Carter 1&2. 3 is purely optional. Then, if it's accessible, download "Prom Queen" & "Hot Revolver". Now granted, the weed may/may not help the situation, but it should remind you why for a whole year (2007-most of 2008) he was the B.R.A. (If you know that acronym, you can't deny what I'm saying). Now, he just might possibly be the posterboy for what Hip Hop is to become, like it or not.

Unadulterated artistic expression by any means necessary.

Forget the guitar, the hideous outfits & ridiculously ignorant talk show speeches.

Listen to the music.


K.Coleman Brown said...

That title is Sick! I love it aaaaaaand why did I tell myself I need a mix of musical, opinionated therapuetic reading before I go to therapy. And look I even got a shout out. I'm reading the others when I get back. Oh and did you see ya boy on The View. Lil Wayne is not my absoulte favorite but he's kinda like that kid in school you never chilled with and then post graduation yall became real cool out of nowhere (if that makes sense)We gotta catch up. I gotta make sure I don't call you complaining coz that ain't "GRAND" lol!

somebody said...


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