Friday, April 24, 2009


I can't recall too many times in my days as a young lad, anyone ever telling me, "Hey, don't worry if you don't win. People will love you regardless." It was more like, "All or nothing!" or "Second place means you're the best loser!" I guess that may be one of those blurred lines between humans & the other animals. I've never seen the second or third hyena in a pack on National Geographic not partake in a downed elephant because he didn't get the first neck-breaking bite. They ALL took his big ass to the dirt & dined on his carcass. Laughing & shit.

But humans, we need trophies & medals & congratulatory phrases to make us feel exalted & victorious. A winner must be declared, & whoever isn't that individual gets shunned & chased away like so many flea-infested possums. Or do they?

It's part of the human experience to feel compassion. With that said, I think Rihanna should tell Chris Brown "thank you". For what, you might ask. For kicking her ass. For being just dumb enough to physically injury her publicly, but smart enough to not permanently damage or kill her. That ridiculous attack propelled her career into the stratosphere. Not that she wasn't already a star in her own right, but how long do those things really last nowadays anyway? Pop culture is so fickle that some trivial statement or inappropriate picture could have surfaced on TMZ & rendered all her ass(et) shaking null & void. It happens everyday on the mean streets of Superstardom, U.S.A.

Thanks to C. Brown's bite marks & bitch slaps, Rihanna has risen like the proverbial phoenix for the movement of women's rights. She could possibly be one of the most noticeable entertainers for many years to come & never record another song ever again.

You never know what's going to happen in life. Take the runner-ups from America's Top Model & American Idol. Without second (or third, fourth, etc.) place, we wouldn't have Tocarra or Clay Aiken, respectively. Whatever point Chris was attempting to convey when he gave himself the green light to get all handsy with Rihanna obviously blew up in his face. He won the fight, but lost the war by light years. Not because he is facing jail time. Not because his career may be in limbo indefinitely. But because he did for her, for free, what Hollywood's best manager's couldn't accomplish in an entire lifetime of promotion & payola handouts.

Make her an undeniable icon.

It may not seem like it now, but Brown will be okay. America is notorious for it's short-term memory, especially when nepotism is involved. He may serve a little term, but as long as Niggas do Nigga things, examples must be set. But, had Rihanna been a white girl, the story wouldn't have been dragged out this far. In fact, Chris would've been dragged out far into the woods somewhere & hung by his neck.

Now, all that's left for her to do is hold her head high, continue to smile pretty for the camera & marry that white guy she was supposed to be with in the first place.


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