Monday, October 5, 2009

gone fishin'

Guess what?

I'm on a family vacation!First time ever, road trip & all. My wife's family lives in Louisiana, so we drove from Los Angeles to Shreveport to visit for a week. I've never been on a vacation in my life, so this is a new thing for me. I'm a creature of normalcy & routine. I like to know where my draws are, & that I can walk through the house in them & such. But, everybody needs time to cool their heels every now & then, I guess. You guy's have seven days to miss me, so enjoy yourselves while I'm gone. & don't do anything I wouldn't do.

But first...

I'd like to thank all of you, my supporters, who give me a reason to want to share my thoughts & opinions & snarcasm. I started my blog in January, & honestly, if I didn't have all y'all to write for, I would've stopped a long time ago. I'm deeply appreciative to be invited into your computers & enjoyed ([||] for the fellas) on a regular basis. Sometimes this site is my therapy, & I'm just thankful you guys have the patience, understanding & sense(s) of humor to ride with me. I'm not going to name names, but I know who my folks are. If you think this post is directed to you, there's a good chance it is.

So, even though I'll miss y'all, say a prayer for boy, & don't forget about me. & believe, when I get home, I'll have some stories to tell.

Be cool, & be careful motherfuckers. I'll holler next Monday.

*Btw, it says it on top of the page, but I'll say it again down here;
That's in case you business with me, or just want to chat*
In a minute...


Don said...

Enjoy them crawdads!

And don't leave the car when passing thru Texas...

shante carlan ; said...

is it really your first time on vacation? for real for real?

enjoy it none the less!

Capital G said...

LA to Louisiana? That's a hell of a ride Grand$. Enjoy the time off from real life shit and just get away to clear your head for a minute. Everyone will be here when you get back.

Tony Grands said...

We had to get some gas coming across that ginormous ass state. Stopped @ a truck stop with a diner, & yeah, everything is big in Texas. I saw a pancake that looked like it could crush a tarantula.

Yep. Except for Vegas, but that place is just like Los Angeles on pcp with a half an 'E' pill. This Louisiana shit right here is some straight-to-video, black family reunion DVD type stuff. I'm waiting for Medea to pop out of a bathroom smoking a joint.

@Cap G
Thanks, mayne. My mind'll be nice & empty when I get back home. Ready to be refilled with that good ol' L.A. bullshit.

@all y'all
Gucci Mane runs the streets down here lol!

somebody said...