Saturday, October 31, 2009

"It Was All Good Just A Week Ago..."

This Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel beef is reaching Twitter proportions, so you know it's getting serious. Once Fabolous the Tweet King chimes in, that means shit's getting official.

Sparing all the details, Beans has gotten fed up with his treatment by rap royalty Shawn Carter. The technicalities have been brewing all throughout the 'Net for the past week or so, & Beanie addressed it himself via diss track & radio interview. On the song, Beanie even takes a jab at Memphis Bleek who, in my humble opinion, should've had a verse on the song as well. But, I'm a douche nozzle, so...

[tony's note: these rappers' names has my spell check bugging out...]

Jay-Z responded from Canada (where the real gangsta vacation at), & threw a few darts himself. Generally, I give Jigga credit for being a diplomatic gentlemen when addressing angry detractors, but this time dude said some real jerk shit. Fuel to the proverbial fire, so to speak. With Beanie (every time I say/type his name, I see his face & giggle) threatening to divulge some unknown details about Jay, I don't think now's the appropriate time to sling mud, even if a dude is insinuating homosexuality. Or, again, I'm a douche nozzle, so he could just be hinting at JiggaMan's inept abilities at business-running, & inability to be a decent friend.

Either way, I'm not too excited about where this can go. Hell, not to sound like a hater, but I'd love to hear Beans spill the beans (ha!) on Jay living a double life. I already think "gay" is the new "alive", so I don't put anything past anybody. Especially when the "anybody" doesn't have a mustache. I don't trust Black men without them, & neither should you.

Beanie's basic complaint is loyalty; Jay's lack of & Beanie's willingness to give it. That's where the problem began. Years ago, when Jay scooped up Beans from whatever corner he was selling heroin on & gave him a new hoodie & a microphone, in exchange, Beans gave Jay his heart. However queer that may sound, dudes from the street often do such as a token of appreciation for a cat looking out. Maybe for all the hustlin' Jay does, he never learned that rule. Treat your friends like enemies & vice versa. That's not to say buy your adversaries Christmas presents while shooting at your right hand guy, but you smell my cologne. Jay made Beans feel like a brother, & Beans acted accordingly. So of course, once Jay started shitting in dude's cereal, things were going to get real emotional, real quick.

Which brings us to this point of heartbreak. Plainly put, Beans' feeling are hurt, & I don't blame him one bit. Jay seems like the consummate business-man, & Beans should've known this from day one. I knew that just from listening to Jay rap way back when, when he said himself-literally hundreds of times-he's all about the money. Rarely did he mention how he'd die for his dogs like a lot of rap cats say, word to DMX.

& when Jay wasn't speaking on money, he was talking about himself. He sort of strikes me as the type of man who masturbates in the mirror, whilst sitting on his doe.

Seriously, I've been through enough things in life that I find it extra hard [||] to trust anyone, outside of my youngest son. People, as a whole, are merely animals who operate on instinct & impulse. As well, I know that my best interests never parallel another person's consideration for me. Thusly, I keep a distance. If only Beanie had've done that. I don't fault Jay-Z for worshipping the almighty dollar, nor do I blame Beans for wearing his heart on his sleeve, but for all that gangsta rhetoric, one would think he knew better than that. Hopefully this won't turn into some messy Hip Hop divorce though, because I'd rather not watch them fight for custody of Memphis Bleek.

I've heard that Jay worships the devil, so expect Puffy Combs to be emerging soon with something to say. Stay tuned, rap fans.


Federal Ranga said...

Man, whats up with these hip hop partnerships and families going awry? It happens too often.... B.G & Baby, Puffy & Ma$e, Game & 50 and now this...

Straight up, Beans is classic case of mixing business with (the) pleasure (of doing business) and he feels like he's getting the short end of stick (or in this case, Jigga's lips).

Speaking of Memphis Bleek(future), what the fuck does he contribute to anyone, let alone Jay, that he gets benefit off the man so much?

Don said...

Me being from Marcy, I know a lot of the early & under the media radar dirt.

These accusations ain't nothing new. Camel's been grimy since rolling with Big Daddy Kane.

I am sooo glad I didn't roll with the Roc when I could've, & stayed with my other homie in the industry. I had a better experience I would/could say.

I don't blame Beans at all. I would if he knew and still fukked up, but he was misguided by cats who knew better & took advantage, and when he did find out they discarded him. That's not fly at all.

Dudes gotta listen to that Charlamagne interview to get a full grasp of the fukkery(⎮⎮).

I will drop this though, a lot of cats HAVE to do the hokey-pokey with a well known lawyer/exec to take the next step($). And he takes pictures.


Tony Grands said...

Peep this drop:

I gave Shyne some suggestions as to how he may want to address the Didmeister. But, Beans took it instead.

Call me crazy, but if them dudes teamed up on a song, let alone an album, I think "rap beef" would be elevated 10 fold.

Don said...

"Let me tell you something"-Fire Marshall Bill

If Beans & Shyne connected they would blackball them into oblivion.

LL COOL J MADE THE INDUSTRY BLACKBALL CANIBUS. KNOWN FACT. Made Wyclef give up on dude or they would not push "Carnival".

It's like all of the basketball "stars" get the whistles. Why would Tim be the only ref on the take?

Pull-a-tricks in the game are a b*tch. Diplomacy is for truthful dudes trying to feed their families.

Tony Grands said...


I don't doubt that Puff & Jay could have influence over their respective careers, but todays industry isn't the same as in Cool J/Canibus' day.

The 'Net is too powerful for anyone to be truly "blackballed". They most likely wouldn't be able to drop any major releases, but ultimately, it's the fans who decide what's made. Between youtube, myspace, just leaks in general, if any such music in that vein was to be made, it would reach the people. & that might just be the independant stimulation to provide that revolution needed to bring hip hop back down to the grassroots movement it started as.

There's ways around everything, especially in 2009, feel me? All it takes is bravery & self-motivation. & what's "blackballed" really mean to dudes who feel there's nothing more to lose? Beans is already taking shots out of emotion, so I doubt he fears backlash. Shyne just got "freedom", so I know a thinly veiled threat from Puff wouldn't do anymore than push him closer to the brink.

It might not be the smarted move, business-wise, but were talking about a couple of guys who dont/didnt follow the normal "business" manual. They took their destiny's in their own hands, right wrong or indifferent.

Don said...

Oh of course. Today's blackball(⎮⎮) is to slander the cat exposing the real("Oh he's bitter 'cause he's broke/didn't sell/ain't signed...").

Both Beans & Shyne could put together a strong viral campaign that could hurt Jay & Puff. But the investors won't allow that. They would make the interns start the hate comments everywhere on every site.

These uninformed cats are the same ones who would have said we're all hating on Vanilla Ice & let him make his money. Or we're jealous of Milli Vanilli's grind.

Hell it's 3 days later & people are still saying Sigel is doing this for record sales. If BIG wasn't dead they would love Puff to death because of the dollar signs.

Remember this Generation's heroes are money, ex-cons, and ignorance. A cat like Skyzoo only has one hit off that video posted. Too smart & clean cut for his own peers.

If Shyne & Beans didn't do bids they would've been laughed out of the industry quick fast.

And once Drake & Gucci get their turn at bat in a couple of months, watch out.

It may be time to take another bus Grands.

p.s. We're up 3-1! Yeah!

somebody said...