Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rap Is Outta Control

What happened to the MUSIC!?

Hip hop was/is a culture rich with history (black & otherwise), style, education, beauty, self-empowerment, the list could continue for days. At some traumatic point in it's time line however, a misguided turn was made & it hasn't been the same since. Hip hop became a sideshow of sorts, full of the misfits & dramatics would one expect from their favorite soap opera (no General Hospital). When all's said & done, it would appear that the music has taken a backseat to ridiculous beefs, vicious rumor mills, & all out assaults on the movement's intelligence.

Various factors play a key role in the demise of our beloved lifestyle. Some argue that the introduction of "Gangsta Rap" was incendiary to the pride displayed by the likes of Chuck D, X-Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, etc. But, "Gangsta Rap" was never new, it just became more popular, as do many things in society. Others criticize the Internets for making such an exclusive experience a worldwide phenomenon. Many people, exhibiting the same ignorance they denounce, blame Black people, because according to the consensus, "we cain't neva have shit!". The remaining observers never really cared to begin with and mindlessly follow every fleeting fad in the common vicinity.

It's virtually impossible to forget that hip hop is a music-based way of expression. People DO still put out quality art for the "masses". Cats still breakdance, MC's still rap, & DJ continue to promote good songs. That's unfiltered fact.

The distortion is found in the murky waters on the way to that fact. No sooner does an hip hop artist rear his head before he becomes the target of attempted character assassinations from fellow "musicians", the media, or so-called fans alike. Usually, such acts are purported without credible reasoning. & even when a viable issue is present, most times it has nothing to do with the distinction of their music. Thusly, the individual(s) acquire fame for the sake of ridiculing one another, & that becomes the take-off point of their career. Beef is the new demo tape.

The need for promotion teams & album signings is defunct. Just go to the 'Nets, say "fuck -insert rapper-", & the buzz will generate itself.

Countless rap stars are said to be gay, unauthentic, make believe, etc., & to a degree, those are all true lies. But, who cares? I just want some decent thump for my buck (or free download). The day I see Maroon 5 put out a dis vlog about The White Stripes, or something to that effect, I'll eat my words & allow the chaos to ensue without saying a word.