Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Its No Coincidence

"Coincidence" is an imaginary word. Like "can't" or "try". Terms coined out of convenience rather than actuality. Indeed, occurrences may happen to have intersecting commonalities, but fate-based faith makes it logically impossible for certain events to just be randomly related.

The current water cooler talk is that the end of the world is upon us. The onset of impending doom has emerged. One could easily dispel such vague rumors as "crazy talk", or, with more detailed surveillance see that there's a mild possibility that the statement holds some weight.

In a recent poll, it was discovered that America has become less Christian over a 10 year span. Percentage-wise, the variable is scant, but noticeable nonetheless. Maybe or maybe not ironic is the fact that the polls shows an increase of Muslim following. I'm no religious nut or Jesus freak, so I won't attempt to translate that into anything in particular. But even without spiritual insinuation, a gander at the world today would leave even the most close-minded individual with at least a tad bit of skepticism towards the path that lies ahead.

I don't condone nor condemn homosexuality, simply because God judges, not me. But honestly speaking, I don't understand it in the smallest iota of comprehension. Granted, humans are animals & should be expected to behave as such in some instances, but discretion & logic are what separates us from the rest of God's creations. That said, I don't get the attraction between same sex partners. All the things that God made to be different were no coincidence. There's a fairly logical reason why I don't have a vagina. Thus, why would I want to be near another man's penis. That's pure science at work. It's deeper than the scent of a woman, or the feel of her flesh. It's my job, as a man, to be a man, because that's the way God intended it to be. All the hoopla of being in the "wrong" body is blasphemous if only because God is incapable of making mistakes. I'd be more likely to accept the Devil's deceit as a root cause than God not paying close enough attention to what He created.

People, as a whole, are moving further from God's grace on purpose. They choose to engage in gratuitous premarital sex. They kill one another with or without provocation. Fathers abandon families & Mothers destroy their children. A pastor was murdered in front of his congregation over the weekend. Police have reported that the man suffered from Lyme Disease & it had covered his brain with lesions. That's a lame excuse to shoot a man of the cloth, in my book. At some point during his life, he allowed a window to stay open wide & long enough for the Devil to work his way into his heart, & plant the malicious seed needed for such a heinous act.

Basically, I don't think the "end" will be the destruction of Earth & all it's inhabitants. I think it's more the result of mankind making the decision to turn it's collective back on God's blessings & trek out into it's existence unassisted. This isn't to say that atheism is right or wrong, but Faith is a powerful tool.

& some scholars say religion is what truly separates humans from animals. Would that have us to believe that without the umbrella of God's commitment to us that we could be snuffed out as easily as a cockroach or fruit fly?

I doubt that God's happy with the decisions being made by man. Assuming one believes in God, just how long do you think He is going to stand idly by while we disrespect Him.

Just because we don't worship the Devil, doesn't necessarily mean we've accepted God. It's easier to confuse the two notions than most people realize. It's not coincidence that living conditions continue to decline for all people as we move further away from God.

In a sense, the further we get from knowing Him, becomes the closer we get to meeting Him.